Is Blonde Roast Stronger Than Dark Roast?

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Have you ever wondered if a Starbucks blonde roast coffee is stronger than a cup of dark roast coffee? We are here to answer all your burning questions.

Starbucks’ blonde roast is stronger than the medium or dark roast as far as caffeine goes. But, the classic and dark roasts have a more intense and vibrant coffee flavor. Starbucks’s blonde roast contains more caffeine than any other roast the company offers.

On the other hand, dark-roasted coffee has a more pronounced coffee flavor than light-roasted coffee.

Does the blonde roast have more caffeine?

Is blonde espresso stronger

Let’s compare the caffeine content of the most common 8-ounce drinks at Starbucks to understand better which is the strongest.

  • A brewed coffee, typically a medium roast, contains 155 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving.
  • The same size cup of Starbucks Dark Roast contains only 130 mg of caffeine.
  • Starbucks Blonde Roast tops the list with 180 mg per serving.

As you can see, blonde roast coffee has the highest average caffeine content of any regular coffee drink you can order from Starbucks.

What makes the blonde roast stronger?

To much caffeine in coffee

The higher caffeine content is due to the unique blend of beans used to make the coffee. A new blend requires new beans. The original Starbucks roast was made from dark roast beans from South America and Asia.

The blonde roast is a blend of coffee beans grown in South America and Africa. The different beans make this coffee more robust, not the roasting technique.

What does blonde roast mean?

Light roasted coffee beans

You may be wondering where the name “blonde” comes from. When talking about coffee, “blonde” implies a lightly roasted coffee. In the case of the blonde roast, it’s not as light as you might think.

Starbucks likes to advertise its blonde roast as “light roast.” In reality, it is more of a medium roast compared to other coffees. The reason Starbucks calls its medium roast “light” because most coffee beans are dark roast.

Starbucks has used the term “blonde roast” since 2012 to refer to its lighter coffee beans. The coffee industry referred to these beans as cinnamon roast because of their color. This confused some people, who believed that cinnamon roast referred to flavor, not color.

Introducing the term “Blonde Roast” was not only an easy way to clear up the confusion but also good marketing for Starbucks to stand out from the competition.

What does blonde roast coffee taste like?

Everyone’s experience with blonde roast coffee is different, especially when drinking it for the first time. We found it to be slightly sweet with a long citrus aftertaste.

In comparison, original dark roast coffee has a stronger, earthier flavor. It tends to be slightly more bitter than the blonde roast. The unique flavor of the beans is excellent, and the infusion provides the expected energetic kick.

Are blonde roast and blonde roast espresso the same?

Yes, Blonde Roast and Blonde Roast Espresso are the same coffees. They are just ground and packaged differently.

Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast is the very same coffee. The only difference is that the packaging is specifically for single-serve brewers.

Is blonde roast less acidic?

Blonde roasted coffee is always more acidic than medium or dark roasted coffee.

When the beans are roasted, they release certain juices and acids. The longer the coffee is roasted, the more these acids escape from the coffee bean. Since blonde roast coffee is a light/medium roast, it will always be more acidic than the dark Starbucks roasts.

The acidity of a coffee beverage is essential because it affects the taste and enjoyment of the drink. In the case of coffee, this taste can be described as citrusy. Extra acidity can cause discomfort for some people.

Is Blonde Roast the same as Cinnamon Roast?

Blonde roast was called Cinnamon Roast for many years, primarily because of the color of the beans. Starbucks introduced the term “Blonde Roast” because customers were confused by the name.

They found that coffee drinkers thought cinnamon roast referred to the bean’s flavor, not the color.

Our Favorite Starbucks drinks with Blonde Roast:

If you’re at Starbucks and want to try the blonde roast for yourself, you can order different drinks. These are our personal favorites:

1. Blonde Espresso

A bit sweeter and smoother than the regular Starbucks espresso. If you want to know more, read my article on Blonde Roast Espresso.

2. Blonde Latte

A blonde roast can add more flavor and caffeine to your latte. I recommend trying a latte with vanilla syrup. The citrus notes of the blonde roast coffee pair fantastically with the flavors of the vanilla.

3. Blonde Flat White

A hipster favorite originally from New Zealand and Australia, the Flat White has a little more caffeine and more flavors. You’ll be surprised at how well a blonde roast goes with a Flat White.

4. Blonde Cappuccino

If you enjoy a cappuccino daily, try this delicious coffee the next time you’re at Starbucks. Especially When brewed with a blonde roast, this coffee takes on even more personality.

Making Blond Roast Coffee At Home

It’s a good thing you’ve now learned all about blonde roast coffee because now you can try it out.

You still have to buy the beans from the company’s official website or the next time you visit the store.

Those who like to use a Nespresso or Keurig will be happy to hear that the blonde roast is also available in capsules for extra convenience.

The Bottom Line

As far as caffeine goes, Starbucks’ blonde roast is stronger than the medium or dark roast coffees.

You will not want to go back to a medium or dark roast once you start drinking blonde espresso in your lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based drinks!


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