Is Blonde Roast Stronger Than Dark Roast?

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When you order coffee at Starbucks, do you ask the following questions: Is blonde roast stronger than a dark roast?

There is more caffeine in Starbucks’ blonde roast than in any of their other roasts. The blonde roast from Starbucks is superior to both the medium and dark varieties. However, the coffee flavor in traditional and dark roasts is more intense.

Dark-roasted coffee, in contrast, tastes more like coffee than its light-roasted counterpart does.

Is Blonde Roast Stronger?

Is blonde espresso stronger

Let’s compare the caffeine content of the most common 8-ounce drinks at Starbucks to understand better which is the strongest.

  • A brewed coffee, typically a medium roast, contains 155 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving.
  • The same size cup of Starbucks Dark Roast contains only 130 mg of caffeine.
  • Starbucks Blonde Roast tops the list with 180 mg per serving.

As you can see, blonde roast coffee has the highest average caffeine content of any regular coffee drink you can order from Starbucks.

What makes the blonde roast stronger?

To much caffeine in coffee

The special bean combination utilized to produce this coffee accounts for its greater caffeine concentration. When making a new mix, you need to start with fresh beans. Black beans from South and Southeast Asia were used in the first Starbucks roast.

Coffee beans from both South America and Africa are used to make the blonde roast. It’s not the roasting process that gives this coffee its depth of flavor, but the variety of beans used.

What does blonde roast mean?

Light roasted coffee beans

In case you were curious, the word “blonde” really refers to a color. A “blonde” coffee is one that has been lightly roasted. The blonde roast is not as delicate as its name suggests.

The blonde roast that Starbucks calls “light roast” is a popular marketing slogan. In truth, when compared to other coffees, it is closer to a medium roast. Starbucks labels its medium roast “light” because most coffee beans are roasted darker.

The phrase “blonde roast” has been used by Starbucks since 2012 to describe its milder brew. Those beans were known as cinnamon roast in the coffee business because of their warm hue. Some individuals got it twisted since they thought cinnamon roast related to taste and not hue.

The use of the phrase “Blonde Roast” was not only a simple solution to eliminate any misunderstandings, but also a smart marketing move by Starbucks to set themselves apart from the competitors.

What does blonde roast coffee taste like?

Even among first-time blonde roast coffee drinkers, opinions vary widely. We noticed a little sweetness and a lingering citrus flavor.

Dark roast coffee from the beginning provides a deeper, more robust flavor. It has a somewhat bitterer flavor profile than blonde roast. The infusion has the expected stimulating effect and the distinctive flavor of the beans is outstanding.

Are blonde roast and blonde roast espresso the same?

Coffees labeled as “Blonde Roast” and “Blonde Roast Espresso” are, in fact, the same thing. The only difference is in how they are processed and packed.

The coffee sold at Starbucks under both names tastes identical. The only real distinction is that this package is designed for use with single-cup coffee makers.

Is blonde roast less acidic?

Coffee that has been roasted to a lighter shade of brown is often more acidic than coffee that has been roasted to a darker shade.

The roasting process releases natural acids and other byproducts from the beans. These acids are released from the coffee bean while it is roasted. Because it is a lighter/medium roast, blonde roast coffee always has a higher acidity level than the black Starbucks roasts.

A coffee drink’s acidity is crucial since it impacts the drink’s flavor and how much the drink is enjoyed. This flavor profile in coffee has a zesty flavor. For some, the discomfort of too much acidity is not worth it.

Is Blonde Roast the same as Cinnamon Roast?

For a long time, mostly due to the color of the beans, blonde roast was known as Cinnamon Roast. Starbucks rebranded the beverage as “Blonde Roast” after finding that its original moniker was causing customer confusion.

A survey of coffee drinkers revealed that the majority of respondents associated cinnamon roast with the coffee’s flavor rather than its appearance.

Our Favorite Starbucks drinks with Blonde Roast:

If you’re at Starbucks and want to try the blonde roast for yourself, you can order different drinks. These are our personal favorites:

1. Blonde Espresso

A bit sweeter and smoother than the regular Starbucks espresso. If you want to know more, read my article on Blonde Roast Espresso.

2. Blonde Latte

A blonde roast can add more flavor and caffeine to your latte. I recommend trying a latte with vanilla syrup. The citrus notes of the blonde roast coffee pair fantastically with the flavors of the vanilla.

3. Blonde Flat White

A hipster favorite originally from New Zealand and Australia, the Flat White has a little more caffeine and more flavors. You’ll be surprised at how well a blonde roast goes with a Flat White.

4. Blonde Cappuccino

If you enjoy a cappuccino daily, try this delicious coffee the next time you’re at Starbucks. Especially When brewed with a blonde roast, this coffee takes on even more personality.

Making Blond Roast Coffee At Home

You’re in luck; you can put everything you’ve learned about blonde roast coffee to the test now.

The beans are still available for purchase, but only through the company’s website or at a later in-store purchase.

If you prefer using a pod system like Nespresso or Keurig, you’ll be delighted to know that the blonde roast is also sold in capsule form.

The Bottom Line

So is the blonde espresso stronger? The caffeine content of Starbucks’ blonde roast is higher than that of their medium and dark roasts.

After you’ve had lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso beverages made with blonde espresso, you won’t want to go back to a medium or dark roast.


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