10 Best Coffee Shops in Santa Monica

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Santa Monica, California, is well-known for the famous Santa Monica Pier, world-class beaches, biking, and surfing; a stunning coastal city that needs no introduction. There are always plenty of activities, including great cafes and restaurants as well. 

If you have an opportunity for all the sightseeing and visits, you will need energy. And what could be a better way to energize than with a delicious coffee. We’ve prepared this list of the best coffee shops in Santa Monica to help you make the most of your stay in SoCal.

Top 10 Santa Monica Coffee Shops

1. 10 Speed Coffee

10 Speed coffee shop guests

Visit the official website: www.10speedcoffee.com/location/santa-monica/

We’ll start with 10 Speed Coffee, located at 1919 Santa Monica Blvd. 10 Speed serves top-notch coffee and excellent pastries and cakes. The staff was friendly and quick; we didn’t have to wait long even though the place was packed.

The atmosphere at 10 Speed is cozy, and there’s plenty of seating. If you want to have a coffee on your way to somewhere else, 10 Speed is a good choice.

2. Love Coffee Bar 

Love coffee bar

Visit the official website: www.lovecoffeebar.com/

The second to last store on our list is Love Coffee Bar. There is a charming outdoor seating area and some comfortable indoor seating, although it does get crowded at times. Love Coffee Bar is the ideal place to relax, thanks to the soothing music and gentle, friendly atmosphere.

The coffee at Love Coffee Bar is outstanding, and we recommend their Mochas. These are our favorites among the many expertly prepared espresso drinks. Another plus at Love Coffee Bar is the price. All coffee and snack offerings are reasonably priced and affordable.

3. goodboybob coffee 

goodboybob coffee terrace

Visit the official website: https://goodboybob.com/

goodboybob coffee (officially lowercase) is located away from the hustle and bustle in a happy and welcoming place that’s perfect for a break from the daily grind. The atmosphere is bright and friendly, and the presentation and service are excellent.

The coffee is strong and delicious, perfect with a plate of the best-selling avocado toast. There’s plenty of seating, but not many outlets, so bring a book or charge your devices before you come. Find them at 2058 Broadway.

4. Lo/Cal Coffee & Market

LoCal coffee in Santa Monica, California

Visit the official website: www.facebook.com/localmkt/

Lo/Cal Coffee and Market is a café with a Latin flair that offers delicious empanadas, breakfast sandwiches, and a selection of light snacks. We loved the empanadas, which paired perfectly with our latte.

The food is good, and the coffee is extraordinary. Despite the small menu, everything we tried at Lo/Cal was prepared with care and attention to detail. Prices are competitive and worth every penny. Visit them at 2214 Pico Blvd.

5. Urth Caffe

Urth caffee entrance

Visit the official website: www.urthcaffe.com/santa-monica

Urth Caffe is one of the best coffee shops in Santa Monica. Urth has prioritized serving ethical sourced and freshly roasted coffee beans. They specialize in handmade organic coffees, tea, and baked goods.

The setting is familiar and inclusive, yet they manage to be exclusive and upscale at the same time and serve a wide range of coffee lovers in SoCal. The coffee shop started in 1989 when the Berkmans met a coffee farmer from Peru who sourced organic heirloom coffee, and the rest is history. 

6 Primo Passo Coffee Co.

Primo passo coffee

Visit the official website: www.primopassocoffee.com/

Primo Passo Coffee Co is a family-owned and operated store at 702 Montana Ave. Primo Passo is a bright and open coffee shop with large windows and plenty of seating. You never have to worry about getting a seat, even during peak hours. The courteous and professional staff makes the comfortable and inviting space even more pleasant.

Primo Passo roasts its own coffee, and the care and attention to detail are evident. The java is delicious, and the food is excellent as well. We sat down with a cappuccino, and a light snack, did some work and felt like we could stay here all day.

7. Groundwork Coffee Co.

Groundwork Coffee in Santa Monica

Visit the official website: www.groundworkcoffee.com/

Groundwork Coffee Co. is a beautiful, traditionally decorated coffee shop with details of natural wood, visible brick, and shiny metal. The waiting staff creates a welcoming atmosphere by chatting with customers and answering any questions about the unusual menu.

Speaking of the menu, you’ll find all the favorites like lattes and cappuccinos and more exciting options like iced Americano with bubbles. It’s a bit pricey, but the atmosphere, friendly people, and unique drinks make up for the price. Visit them at 2908 Main St.

8. Funnel Mill

Funnel Mill coffee

Visit the official website: www.funnelmill.com/

Funnel Mill offers a selection of specialty coffees and teas that are the pinnacle of quality. As you might expect, artisan coffee doesn’t come cheap, and Funnel Mill’s prices reflect that. Funnel Mill’s coffee is in a different class than the coffee you’ll find in a regular coffee shop if you don’t mind spending a little more money.

If you are interested in coffee and visit Funnel Mill, you won’t be disappointed with the calm and welcoming atmosphere. Funnel Mill Rare Coffee and Tea is a cozy place to settle down to work or relax with a good book. It can be found at 930 Broadway Suite A.

9. Caffe Luxxe

Caffe Luxxe Santa Monica

Visit the official website: www.caffeluxxe.com/

Caffe Luxxe is an upscale coffee shop that offers single-source coffee, espresso, and delicious food. Caffe Luxxe’s coffee menu is not very extensive, but what they sell is of the best quality. The latte we tried was worth every penny.

If you’re looking for a lovely place to get breakfast in Santa Monica, Caffe Luxxe should be at the top of your list. If you have time to sit down, they serve full breakfast platters, or you can grab a quick snack and a coffee to go. Either way, you’re guaranteed not to be disappointed. Head to 925 Montana Ave and give it a try.

10. Demitasse

Demitasse coffee streetfront

Visit the official website: https://cafedemitasse.com/

We’ll save the niceties here because all you need to know about Demitasse is that you need to order Kyoto drip coffee. The Kyoto drip system is one of the first things you see when entering the house. And the coffee it makes is every bit as fascinating as it looks.

Demitasse is a modern, clean and sleek cafe with a modern design and attentive staff. We think that the Kyoto drip coffee is the star of the establishment, but the sweets and pastries are nothing to scoff at either. The staff is friendly and happy to share their extensive knowledge of coffee with interested customers. Visit them at 1149 3rd Street, and don’t forget to try the Kyoto Drip.

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