10 Best Coffee Shops in San Jose

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The third wave of coffee is taking San Jose by storm, with coffee shops rivaling those in Seattle and San Francisco. This is great news for both locals and visitors to the city, with new independent roasters popping up regularly. Whether you’re an espresso lover or in the mood for a cold brew, you’ll find it all here.

This list of the 10 best coffee shops in San Jose is a perfect way to start on your coffee tasting journey. Check them out and choose where you want your day to begin.

Top 10 Coffee Shops in San Jose

1. Voyager Craft Coffee

Voyager craft coffee logo

Voyager was founded by a couple who were looking for a better way to serve customers. Their first location was a mobile coffee cart that sold coffee drinks. Since then, they’ve expanded into three locations, including the one located at the San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose.

The coffee shop has an interesting variety of flavors, including vanilla, cherry blossoms, and coconut cream. There is also a Bali flavor that includes coconut cream, cayenne pepper, and honey.

2. Academic Coffee

Academic coffee logo

Academic Coffee is within walking distance of the SOFA district in downtown San Jose, where the coffee is pure perfection. Try the delicious muffins and the freshly baked croissants. The unique blends here are rich and absolutely delicious.

3. Philz Coffee

Philz coffee logo

How could it not be on the list? Philz is a staple in the Bay Area. With multiple locations, this is no ordinary coffee shop: Here, every coffee is made to your liking. If it’s your first time at Philz, we suggest skipping the extensive menu and asking the barista to make you something special.

4. Forager

Forager logo

Forager is a vast multi-purpose event space best known for its diverse public events: performances, lectures by university professors, and private gatherings.

Forager’s partnership with Devout Coffee also makes it one of the largest artisan coffee shops offered in San Jose. The perfect professional destination for groups, the power meeting with the whole team has never found a better home.

5. Chromatic Coffee

Chromatic roastery logo

Chromatic started when a group of friends launched the coffee business of their dreams. Since that, it has grown into one of the bay area’s best coffee companies.

6. Voltaire Coffee

Voltaire Coffee logo

The look of Voltaire Coffee is almost as impressive as the taste of the coffee. The light and airy space suit the simple but perfect coffees. They prefer to use organic products as much as possible, so you can be sure that every cup is full of good ingredients and caffeinated goodness.

7. Hannah’s Coffee & Sweets

Hannah cafe logo

Hannah’s is the neighborhood coffee shop that always has coffee, desserts, and breakfast. They are famous for their sweet latte art and good food.

It’s the perfect place to meet up with friends or read a good book and snack on one of their delicious cupcakes.

8. Nirvana Soul

Nirvana soul logo

Regulars rave about the coffee selection at Nirvana, which feels like a slice of Italy in the middle of downtown San Jose. Want a Hazelnut Mocha? Nirvana Soul is the place to get it. Besides coffee, it’s also great for a delicious croissant or a light snack.

9. Crema Coffee Roasters

Crema cup with logo

Crema Coffee has opened a second location in La Alameda, so now you have no excuse to drink one of their delicious brews. They have a very loyal fan base that travels far and wide to drink one of their coffee drinks. One sip of their delicious Java, and you too will be hooked.

10. Roy’s Station Coffee & Teas

Roy's station coffee & teas logo

Roy’s is a unique and chic coffee shop in the middle of Japantown with comfortable patio furniture that comes in handy on a sunny California day. The family-owned cafe has an excellent selection of specialty coffee drinks using the freshest beans from Verve coffee roasters and even teas from the Satori Tea Company.

You can either enjoy your coffee on the large patio area or relax inside the ultra-modern interior of Roy’s Station.


If you’re looking for one of San Jose’s best coffee shops, one of these cafes should make a great new place to discover. For java lovers who want to try it out, grab this list and just get started.

You’ll find a favorite cup of Joe at each of these cafes that make you want to return again and again.

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